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Name:Fan fiction for Astrid Lindgren's books
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Community description:Forum for adult fans of Astrid Lindgren's books. Fic and discussion welcome.
The children's novels of Astrid Lindgren are so deep and clever, so insightful and funny, that adults enjoy them as much or more than children do.

Please post any fic about her characters or set in her worlds to this community. Please link to any Astrid Lindgren fic you know of. Any language is welcome. If the fic is unsuitable for children to read, please make this clear. You can post or link to fic written in any language, but write the header in English, and if applicable, warn away children in the same language as the fic is written in.

Please discuss the works of Astrid Lindgren in this community, but stick to English so everyone can follow along.

You are welcome to post gen fics, pairing fics where the children only go so far as to hold hands, or to age the characters up. You are welcome to write OCs or import characters from other fandoms into the worlds of the novels. You are welcome to post chan, but if you do, please warn for it in the header.

Fan art is welcome, but please put it behind a cut or safe-for-children thumbnail.

Use whatever kind of header you feel is appropriate, and apply any tag you feel is appropriate from the availabe tags.

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astrid lindgren, barnen i bullerbyn, bill bergson, bröderna lejonhjärta, emil i lönneberga, emil of lönneberga, fan fiction, fanfic, kalle blomkvist, madicken, mio, pippi longstocking, pippi långstrump, ronia the robber's daughter, ronja rövardotter, seacrow island, the brothers lionheart, the children of noisy village, vi på saltkråkan
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